Perris Raceway

Perris Raceway is the oldest track in California. This track has been raced and ridden by all the greats of motocross. Dating back to the days of the GFI Series, CMC and even the Pro Perris Invitational SX race. Perris Raceway has some of the best dirt in So Cal and the turns rut up real nice while the jumps are fun with plenty of safety decks. Perris is also the home to some of the best night riding in So Cal. We look forward to seeing you at the track soon!

We have brought in countless truckloads of dirt to create a full length Amateur Track. It’s the kind of track where you don’t worry about hitting a jump out of a turn or feeling like a goon because you can’t clear everything. This track is fun for all levels of rider. It helps you really focus on your turning technique and you will spend more time riding on this track than at most other places because of the turns, off cambers and combination of jumps and whoops. Come out and see the new track! Now equipped with lights!!!


  • The best vacation ever! Beau could ride and I got to shop, sunbathe and dine at San Diego's best! Very comfortable accommodations amongst an amazing setting!!

    Diane Hudson - UK

  • Tracks are great. Accommodations are superb. Bikes are amazing. Couldn't ask for more - it's the perfect motocross vacation!

    Alex Gerber - Germany

  • Brilliant. The tracks are absolutely awesome. The whole thing the whole time has been absolutely fantastic. The equipment and bike setups are perfect. I'm able to push myself as much as I can.

    James Hudson - UK

  • Track's are amazing. Conditions are perfect and we had an amazing stay. You cannot beat the weather in So Cal, the "cold days" are still bright blue sky's and you can ride everyday!

    Jesse Holt - Holland